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My clients refer to me as “the Brand Healer” because of my ability to heal areas of a business that are out of alignment, create an empowered mindset within the creator, and build strong strategy to move both forward.



Branding is the heartbeat of any business. However, We often get fooled and think that branding is just a fancy logo like Nike, Apple or Mercedes. Design does play a pivotal role in establishing a brand in the mind of its audience but it only accounts for one pillar of what branding really is.

So, the question is, what are the the pillars of branding?


BrandRoots are the foundation for all brands. They are what dictate your day-to-day decision making through business core values. How your brand voice sounds when you get excited and the brand emotion that your ideal customer feels when you make a stand for what you believe in. BrandRoots are competitor analysis and industry research that uncover your differentiator (what makes you different) and create your brand pillars (what you stand for). They are your brand purpose (your WHY) and the solution to a problem that your business solves. They are the Roots of any business and the foundation from which to grow. Focus, clarity & direction.


All brands need consistency! Consistency across all platforms and through all touchpoints. The best way to accomplish this is by creating a Brand Identity. Brand Identities start with a unique logo and color palette to distinguish your brand. They include typography,  iconography and brand imagery to support the brand story. Brand identities become the guidelines for you and your team to keep your brand consistent aesthetically. Create a comprehensive brand guide to keep you on track as your business grows!

#3. YOU!

ALL brand consultancies neglect the importance of working with the solopreneur behind the brand. When building a business, it is easy to fall victim to our mindset and limiting beliefs as a reason of why we have not progressed. Limiting beliefs hold us back in almost every area of our lives, from our careers to our relationships. To overcome limiting beliefs, the first step is to identify them. Once you know what they are, you can replace them with positive, empowering thoughts. Together we will create an unshakable mindset so you can step forward confidently in your business.



Hey, I'm Shaun (aka “The Brand Healer”),

And I am obsessed with branding and building an unshakable mindset! And guess what, the 2 roads are interwoven with similarities that are hidden in plain sight. Both branding and mindset are about rising to the challenges and finding comfort within discomfort.

My love for this dynamic duo has been cultivated over the last decade as I learned what it takes to build a multimillion-dollar brand and become the best version of myself while doing it.

Fast forward to now, I am applying the same branding principles to the businesses of my clients to keep them aligned as they access the next level of their evolution. Through the success that I have had, I have earned the nickname “The Brand Healer”

Going National

feelcbd was sold in over 200 stores nationally. It was the first experienced based CBD company in Canada which built a strong following on four distinct pillars: all natural ingredients, premium hardware, THC free and user friendly.

Through this, I learned the importance of positioning yourself favorably within your industry and having a solid strategy to stand out amongst the competition. We were the first brand to introduce the concept of “micro-dosing” to the CBD space and all of our products came in sleek, sexy packaging to give the consumer a unique experience. Our design, although minimalistic, it was eye-catching and relatable which had us stand out amongst the other products on the shelves.

Becoming the Best

Over the last 10 years I have worked with countless business mentors, personal development coaches and shamans to learn what it takes to create an unshakable mindset. I have gone to the darkest depths of the self only to find the brightest light that I offer you today. Through self discovery I have learned how to conquer limiting beliefs and reprogram the sub-conscious mind.

Unlocking My Truth

My driving force is creating the glorious “ah-hah” moments in my clients personal and professional lives. Shining the light on the neglected areas of business and removing the personal shadows that are preventing them from finding success. I combine both business and mindset development to instill confidence in both.

Hence the slogan “Build with confidence”



Book a free discovery call and let's chat.

I offer free discovery calls to connect, learn more about your business, and how I can help you connect your personal and business spheres to increase your confidence!

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Shaun Sunderland

Brand Expert & Guide

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